Bilal Oussellam

Breakdance Specialist

Edinburgh based Bilal, also known as bboy ma’roc, started his dance career in a school show and has been addicted to dance ever since. He got into breakdancing simply because he loved the challenge, enjoyed throwing himself around and, he admits, to show off!  Self taught,  he developed quickly and was soon asked to join Scotland’s leading bboy crew Random Aspektz.

From there, his dance career progressed and he went on to be a finalist for the UK Championship Prelims and winning Castle Rocks. This exposed Bilal to the commercial dance world where he then performed for TV and music artists such as Kelly Roland and Kanye West.

Bilal has taught for 12 years and is now the Dance UK breakdance specialist where he teaches exclusively. He has really enjoyed seeing the boys develop and looks forward to mentoring them to reach their full potential.

Bilal Oussellam

Bilal Oussellam

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